The dream of Indian region to begin a new ministry came to reality.

Vision Statement:

To give life and energy to women who are longing for an accompaniment.

Mission Statement:

We aspire to a society where all fading buds are treated with respect and have the opportunity to live meaningfully to achieve fundamental changes in their lives. Empowering them with quality services and cultivate in them hope and courage to meet their bridegroom.

Memorable Day

 De Mathias convent at Angamaly the part of the  house was named as senior citizen’s home called  MARIA NILAYAM during the term of Rev. Sr.Mariamma kunnackal, the Regional Superior and her councilors.

It was blessed by Rev. Fr.Thomas Narikulam the Parish Priest of St.Rita’s Chrch Champannoor, and Inaugurated by Rev. Sr. Mariamma Kunnackal on 12.10.2009.

The first member to MARIA NILAYAM was welcomed on 03.01.2010. From then on the inmates continued to come.

At present we have 17 of them from different parts of the states.

Journey with people of all ages to respond to their thirst for God in their daily life with our interaction

Prepare the evening Buds for peaceful and calm visit of the bridegroom to sit at His bosom

We focus the holistic growth of the inmates. We do arrange their time accordingly and they are happy for their stay here.

 As a result of it we meet the spiritual, mental, social and physical needs.

We provide daily Mass for those who are able, confession once in a month, daily Adoration, Holy Rosary  and Mercy Rosary and Novena to St. Maria De Mattias.

We encourage reading news papers to know what is happening around the world and to get into touch with the world. We do provide Saints books and periodicals to face the life situations.

As days went ahead there is doctor’s visit in every month and we have appointed Pearly for the assistance of nursing care.

For the mental and physical fitness of the inmates we arranged Yoga and exercises.

They do help us in the kitchen by slicing the vegetables and water the garden when it is asked.

“Happiness is not something ready made.
It comes from your own actions.”