Nava Jeevan charitable society

Nava Jeevan charitable society is non profitable and non- governmental organization working in rural areas of tarikere taluk chikmangalore dist. It belongs to the Sisters of The Adorers of the Blood of Christ which is a charitable institution. The head quarter is in Bangalore. It began its services in tarikere in 2004-05. Registered under Karnataka Register Act 17of 1960 .its aim is to establish a peace and just society where everyone enjoys right of equality   our objective is to empowering women and Children to become self reliant, self confident and self employed in life. We render our service among poor and down trodden without looking at the cast or religion. At present we have many Self Help Groups, Boarding children, tailoring center, Tuition centers, and NTC courses. Through this is institution we help many people to find their lively hood.


In His presence, we stand and serve to empower children and women


Nava Jeevan charitable society envisions to build an equitable platform for children and women to empower them through various welfare projects irrespective of caste, religion and culture.


Motivated by faith Nava Jeevan Charitable society works to ensure the development of all children and women in all aspects of human life physical, psychological, intellectual and spiritual to achieve lasting changes in their lives.

  1. spoorthi Nilaya  boarding  started in 2005 it is registered  under the provision of section 34(3) of the   juvenile justice act 2000 and Amendment Act 2006    Our aim of starting this free boarding was in view of giving education for the children. In our survey conducted we found in every house girl children are kept at home to do household work, to look after younger children at home or to graze cattle. They are deprived of basic rights of freedom, education and speech. We found many children are very talented and intelligent. If they are given opportunity they can really come up in life. Taking into consideration the demand of the society and our value system we started Spoorthi boarding for our poor girl children. We constructed the boarding for the children to provide them with basic facilities. The children are school dropout, single parent child, Minorities and scheduled caste. We have at present 20 students and they are regular to the school. These children are from remotest villages .So their educational expenses, food and accommodation everything is provided by us. We believe that educating a child we bring education to whole family and build up a better citizen of our country.

  1. Vocational training: Society is running tailoring and embroidery center for the unemployed women without any discrimination of caste creed or religion. They come from different villages and they are unemployed and uneducated and some of them are school drop outs. The programme conducted in batch ways everyday from morning 10 am to 4 pm.This is one year programme starting from the basic. At present there are 15 women attending tailoring .This centre exists from 2000 onwards and more 1500 ladies are being trained and among them 600 are self employed.
  1. Self help groups: The society has initated women empowerment programme in 2004.The main focus is formation of self help group. We are having 85self help groups in Tarikere in 30 villages. The main objective is to empower them, economically, socially, politically and culturally. These groups are formed for Blow Poverty Line groups. They do weekly small savings and financial transaction is done through the bank. Low Interest rate loans are sanctioned from the bank for the education of children, to initiate petty shop, vegetable cultivation, provision stores, and agriculture purpose and for self employment. Many women have improved economic standard with this financial support.
  1. Tuition centers: We have 2 free tuition centers conducted for the   backward student’s everyday from 5pm to7 pm. This programme is initiated to improve their studies and to promote their education. In each tuition centers qualified teachers are appointed and remuneration is paid by the social center, nearly 50 students are benefiting out of it. We do conduct sports day, children’s day for these children. Different competitions like running race, long jump, high jump, throw ball and volley ball matches are conducted for these children. Along with academic carrier we give value education, classes on health and hygiene. Therefore the children have improved their quality of education and they are regular to school. This is free tuition conduced and the teachers are paid from our society.
  1. Trainings: We conduct Training for the Women those who are in the S.H.G. on leadership, Health and Hygiene Family life, Skill development, on HIV/AIDS, Women rights, S.H.G concept, sangha accounts, Income generating Schemes.  This year nearly 500 women attended trainings on the above mentioned topics and improved economically, socially and politically.5 women are members in panchayat and in leadership.
  1. N.T.C. Training: The society has extended its programme by opening a N.T.C center in 2009 for the women those who have completed S.S.L.C and above and have no work. 12 students are under training. This called Nursery Training Certificate. After this coaching they are eligible as kinder garden teacher.The celebrations such as women’s day, Independence Day. Gandhi jayathi and common festivals are celebrated with all the sangha members. On March 8th women’s day celebration every year 1000 women gather and we take a procession in the town to mark this day. Different competitions are conducted like singing, dance, rangoli, fashion show, running race, throw ball and games. This is to exhibit their talents and come out of their fear .Prizes are distributed as an encouragement. These occasions brings more unity and understanding among the members. We are supported by the local government and people 

“Every charitable act is a stepping stone towards heaven.”