Navodaya Charitable Society

Navodaya Charitable Society is a NGO working on the empowerment of the marginalized and the underprivileged. The Sisters Adorers of the Blood of Christ started a Social Centre in Mysore on 1997 and it is registered under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act on 01-02-2003. It is a voluntary non-profit making organization aiming at to empower women and children to become self-reliant, self confident and self employed in life.


A just society based on the values of justice, love and human dignity.


To empower and to enhance human dignity of the marginalized and the underprivileged.

Target groups:

Women and Children, Dropouts, under privileged.

Area of Operation

Mysore District


  • Animation of active women groups (SHG) in the villages with committed leadership.
  • Mobilization of financial resources for income generation activities:
  • Promotion of formal and non-formal education for school dropouts.
  • Providing skill development training towards alternative livelihoods and increased income.
  • Enhancing participation of women in panchayath and other local governing systems for the development of village community.
  • Organizing awareness programs on health, legal aspects & Government schemes.
  • Networking with government and other likeminded NGO’s.
  • To impart education to children.
  • To impart family life education to women and young girls.
  • To help the women to become self relieve economically and socially.

Director of this center:

This Navodaya centre developed by Ardhana Convent Sisters. They are Sr. Jaisy, Sr.Bincy, Sr.Gracy, Sr.Mini.V.C and Sr. Jancy. They still continue to work and develop the centre.

Staff of this centre:

 Totally 23 members are working here in that 12 members are teachers, 5 members are animators, 4 members are tailors and 2 members are supporting staff. They are very much dedicated in their work. They are hardworking people.

Activities of Navodaya Social Centre:

 SHG: Self Help Group

  1. Formation:

    On in different month we formed10 SHGs in five villages namely, Bettadbidhu, Doddakattur, Kottehundi, Thibyanahundi, Doddahundi. Totally there are 91 SHGs and 15 SHGs are closed. (SHG-Self Help Groups)

  2. Rules and Regulations:

    When we form new SHG for them we give about terms and conditions of this group.

  3. Book keeping:

    Maintaining of accounts neatly for each batch at the social center.

  4. Federation and Representative meeting:

    Nava Chethana Federation was formed every month which include more than 25 sangha. The aim of this federation is to tackle women issues collectively, to network with other federation and NGOs, to avail government schemes and for availing loans.

  5. Bank linkage and Loans:

    During this year 10 Sangha’s received Rs.3.25 lakh and also 10 Sangha’s received 10% of subsidy loan under NRLM for income generating. So, women have initiated activities such as sheep rearing, Poultry, House building, Marriage and improving their economic standard.


In this year Tailoring class is going very well and 110 students are coming for tailoring classes. In a day we have three batches of students. We start class from 10.00 am and till 4.00 pm. Every day two hours class has given for them to stitch and to cut. We teach basic onwards. We are issuing the certificate those who complete the course. Those who finished course, some of them are working in Garments and others are self employed.


            Here we are teaching computer classes of Basic, DTP, Tally, and Internet. Students are coming regularly to improve their skills through these classes. We start class from 10.00 am and till 5.00 pm.45 students are coming for computer classes. Every day one hour class has taken for them with practical and also theory. Those who finished course, some of them are working in office, schools etc…


There are 60 children who are helped financially and materially supported in the studies.

Evening Tuition:

Evening tuition has been taken for only Government school students in different villages. Through this centre we have started Children’s Parliament. To make them more responsible and settle their issue by themselves. And also once in a month we visit each center and to see the performance of the students.

Kid’s World:

Kid’s world is entered for 6th year. Our purpose of starting is to help the working women classes. It starts from 9.00 am and till 4.30 pm. We give here good care for the Kid’s and we teach them to play, dance, stories, rhymes, all activities for this Kid’s. We help them how to write and read the alphabets. This year 20 students are in the class. We kept little champions picnic day dated on 05/11/2016 and they enjoyed. We made a color full day for our kid’s like pink day and yellow day. And we had exhibition and other competitions in the month of jan-2017.


The dropouts those are from different village girls and ladies. We provide education so that they attend the exams. And they can go for further studies. This year 4 students are studying through correspondence.

NTC: Nursery Teacher Course

Now the Nursery teachers training program has entered into 5th year. Those who passed 10th and not able to go for higher studies. Those students we encouraged them to do the NTC. When they came for tailoring. All those who are trained already working in the schools. So many are interested to do this training. There is demand for these teachers.

We also include Tailoring, Computer, Craft, Spoken English classes. And they have Indoor & outdoor games to improve their mental, physical & intellectual capacity. The exhibition of art & craft was arranged. We start class from 9.30 am and till 3.30 pm. This year 18 students are regular for the class and 25 students are correspondence. The trainees had talents day competition. Students improved in all the ways such has physically, mentally, intellectually, spiritually & psychologically. In future we will have excellent teachers. We sent the students to other schools for training in the month of November 2nd to 31st. Students went for study tour dated on 17/12/2016. And we had exhibition, sports and other competitions in the month of jan-2017.

Summer camp:

Every year we conduct summer camp in the month of April and May for 1stto 10th std students. The classes start from 9.00 am and till 4.00 pm. We teach Spoken English, Exercise and Yoga, dancing, drawing and painting. The sports, quiz and cultural competition was arranged.

Tailoring Unit: Garments

In this unit we provide job for poor women and widow those who are in SHG. We help them to work and earn their lively hood. The profit will be given for the poor children for their education for the women empowerment. This year we have the order to stitch uniform from the different school.


In Navodaya Centre we started a program for widows and it named as Nandeepagalu. In this program we have 60 members. We are helping them to improve their economical status by providing loan to buy cow, goat, sheep, house repair, studies and business to improve their livelihood.

Those who are not getting pension we are making facility for them. We are trying to remove the ignorance and enlighten them with knowledge. We wish them to bright like a star in their life.


In this Navodaya centre we gave different kinds of trainings.

  1. SHG – Rules & Regulations: On 18/06/2016 one day SHG concept training was organized for 30 women in the center. On 20/10/2016 the training was conducted for 80 women about health and hygiene for one day the resource person was Mr.Ravi of vestige food supplement. On 24/10/2016 awareness on HIV/AIDS and health for 60 women.
  2. Legal Aid: The lawyer conducted one day training programmes on legal aid on 14/10/2016 for 60 women at the center. Through this class they are made awareness of their rights & how to tackle the legal problems.
  3. Children’s Parliament:We have 7 Tuition centers in different villages. We have organized 5 Children’s Parliament. Children’s Parliament meeting conducted on 15/10/2016. Every month we have meeting for Tuition Teachers.


We are collaborating with KHPT and Ananad Jyothi Network to help the families infected by HIV. The meeting was held on 17/10/2016. Anand Jyothi Network identified ten families who are very need of financial support and for these families we have given the help providing rupees 5000/- for each family for their self employment. Every month on 2ndSaturday we have meeting with them.

Celebration of special days:

Birth day, Independence Day, Teachers day, Gandhi jayanthi, Kannada Rajosthava, Children’s day, Christmas day, etc… all these days we celebrate at Navodaya Centre.

“We cannot do great things on this Earth,
Only small things with great love.”